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Bovlenko is Lord Goblin's top henchman in Irnakk - The Adventure Begins.


Bovlenko is Lord Goblin's top henchman who fought the army when Brickipedia was falling. He enters the barracks, were he kills Jeffrey McTan. Later, Bovlenko goes back to Lord Goblin's lair. He keeps Irnakk busy while his boss launches rockets to Brickipedia. Bovlenko gets knocked down. And after Irnakk stabs Lord Goblin, he whispers to Bovlenko, "you were always my favorite henchmen", then drops into the lava.

In the post-credit scene, Bovlenko finds his boss' top hat, a little singed from the lava. He takes the top hat and puts it on, revealing Bovlenko to be the next villian! >:)