CHI Tormak
Chi Tormak
Price: Flag-US $15.99
Flag-UK £12.99
Flag-AU $15.99

Additional prices:
Flag-NZ $17.99





One Chi to Rule

CHI Tormak is a Custom Ultrabuild that is a part of the One Chi to Rule Custom Theme.


Battle Against the Evil Ice Hunter's with CHI Tormak.

Tormak fights through the Icy Landscape trying to reach his precious daughter, Li'ella. Battle Sykor to get through to Sir Fangar's Ice Fortress. Use the Fire CHI and use the Tygafyre to counter him, that should keep him down. Choose who wins the Battle Fire, or Ice. You choose!

  • Comes with One CHI Tormak Ultrabuild.
  • Battle against the Ice Clan.
  • Collect them all!

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