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"I moo $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
―Ca$h Cow
―Ca$h Cow

The Ca$h Cow is the spirit of greed that haunts Wikia, surfing the internet, and generally causing mayhem. His owner, Sannse is in charge of how much moneez he milks, and he is herded from wiki to wiki by the COWMASTA.
As of mid 2012, the Ca$h Cow is exiled from Wikia by the COWMASTA, for spending all of Wikia's monies on revenge against the Code Monkeys.

Now in the year 2014, Ca$h Cow returns from his wacky escapades outside the Wikia (Don't ask about it) only to find that COWMASTA has been overthrown, and a new regime calling it's self "The New Regime" has taken control. Fulled by rage, Ca$h, and a lack of anything better to do, Ca$h Cow fights to put the Wikia under his OWN regime, because he knows that only then can he have the free time to take that vacation to Australia he's had his heart set on!

About the creator

  • i liek monies so i made dis



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