Calder Cob
Calder cob

The Lord of the Rings Expanded Universe: LOTRO


Short Sword






Calder is a citizen of Archet and a traitor. He aligns himself with the Blackwolds and gives them information on their defenses. His plans are realized by Jon Brackenbrook, but Jon is unable to convince his father, the Captain of Archet, because it was Calder who imprisoned Otto, the former leader of the brigands that attacked Archet. Dirk Mudbrick, with the aid of Wulfier, finally convince Captain Brackenbrook that Calder is a traitor, but it is already too late.

Calder was sent off to prison, but he and Otto were freed in the Assault of Archet and he killed his jailor, Ned Pruner, during the attack. But it was in vain, for he was killed himself by Elghost, a hunter from Rohan.

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