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"Hello? Oh, hi, Stacy. I can't get to the mall right now. Mom just went to the store, she left me in charge, well, you know, conditionally.(Phineas and Ferb walk past with lots of wooden planks) And if you go, can you see if Jeremy is there? No, no, he's the cute one that works at Mr. Slushy Burger. (Phineas and Ferb walk past again, with steel beams) Yeah, he totally smiled at me the last time I was there. No, I told you I can't, I'm watching my brother and step-brother.(Phineas and Ferb walk past with sinks and toilets) Yeah, and they never get into trouble, 'cause Mom never catches them. One of these days though, I'm going to see that she catches them red handed. (Phineas and Ferb walk past again, with a flamingo and a lion that roars loudly.) (To Phineas and Ferb) Will you hold it down, I am trying to use the phone! Mom left me in charge, so there will be no shenanigans today. What are doing right now? Why do you ask? What do you mean you can see it from your house?"
―Candace's life in a nutshell

Candace Gertrude Flynn is the eldest child in the Flynn-Fletcher Family. She is 15, suffers from arachnophobia, and is typically hung up on normal teenage things, such as dating, and her appearance. She is aware of her brother's crazy inventions, and tries to bust them to their mom everyday, mostly out of worry for her brothers' safety, failing each time, as the boy's invention is either destroyed of moved by one of Doofenshmirtz' latest inator.