O.W.C.A.'s Unpaid Intern
Carl Karl mini

Ghost rider224

Carl Karl is O.W.C.A.'s newest recruit, even though he's just an intern.


Unlike most minifigs, Carl has his own theme, though it's just a song from the TV show Phineas and Ferb.


Carl! He works a camera! Carl! He knows what all those buttons do! Carl! He'll clear the paper jam! Carl! And he'll pick up the laundry, too. He knows how to format, spell check and text edit.He's workin' this job just for college credit! He's Carl, the intern! Carl!


Carl! Dressed as a cheerleader! Carl! Now he's wearin' a pinafore! Carl! In his pajamas! Carl! Now he's a guy from the Civil War! Dressed as a cowboy or an old steel worker, And now he's the lead in a '40s tearjerker! He's Carl! Incognito!

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