Custom: Cats Eye

Super Moderngeneration Blast Team


Rosee Romanoff, Liana Romanoff





Cats Eye is a member of the Romanoff Family and so is her sister Liana (Second Cats Eye).


Rosee: Her mother trained her to fight bully's at her school, but later she discovered she could be Hero. At her School, Custom: Electro Starr found her fighting. She got injured and Ethan picked her up and she tried to fight, the bully's laughed at her ... but they stopped when Ethan looked at them. Later in life when she met up with Ethan again, they started Super Moderngeneration Blast Team, the project was created by LEGO Agents. After the final episode Rosee was in a car crash as the lightning struck, it got her and she crashed ... BUT, she survived ...

Liana: Liana was an odd child, at the age 14 Liana saw lightning, it was coming towards her, Rosee saw. Their father shouted "Move out of the Way!" Rosee looked below her father in the window and saw Agent Happy-Jax, her face went red with rage ... then her father shouted "Get Liana!" Rosee ran to get Liana. Liana saw a cat beside her, she looked it in the eye. Rosee was running faster and faster trying to get Liana, but then the lightning hit her.

Why was Cats Eye (Liana) a Project?

Rosee quit being a member after the crash, she had a cast on her Leg from the car crash, Jax thought "Since we don't have a Cats Eye, we'll create one.", Jax joined forces with one of his University friends and his worse Enemy to create Liana into Cats Eye. Jax pressed the button for the project. Answer Time!: The Lightning was projected by a Satilite. Liana got the speed of a cheetah.


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