Chanderendith Channing
Chanderandith Channing



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Chakor Channing



Chanderandith Channing was Chakor Channing's right hand man and second in command of the Werewolf army.


Chanderandith Channing was the general of the ice Werewolves that invaded Ninjago in season 3 and a fiendish trickster who promises to do as he is commanded, but he always doe's more than he is asked. In fact is traderie led him to his death in the final episode of Ninjago season 3.


Chanderandith was first introduced in the episode of Ninjago season 3, where he is seen commanding Sensei Wu to give up the Moonstone that he had uncovered in the Ice Fortress where he and the other ice Werewolves where hiding, but Sensei Wu refuses and escapes with the Ninja in time, however Chanderandith and his army would not give up so easily and invaded Dareth's dojo to trie to find the Moonstone, but Sensei Wu and the Ninja escape along with Dareth with the Moonstone while the ice Werewolves tear down the dojo and later find that the Moonstone is gone. Chanderandith lets out a big yell and swears to hunt down Sensei Wu and the Ninja.


  • Chanderandith Channing has the same last name as Chakor Channing.
  • Chanderandith doe's not seem to get along very well with his warrior Raze.

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