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Description Edit

Her second variations are based off her appearance in Justice Leauge:Doom (My favourite version of her, although I perfair if she turned human in least 1 scene) and her first variation is just based of what I think of her.


Barbra Minvera was a selfish attention seeking archaeologist, desperately trying to find a lost city with her team, her team was attacked and they ran off into the jungle at last finding the lost city, a man named Chuma brought her to a ritual, and tried to transform her into a Cheetah-Godess,she turned into a cheetah she had the power to turn from human to cheetah which she found hard to control at first. She later discovered Wonder Woman's Lasso of truth and decied to steal it, destroying everyone in her path with her Cheetah powers, she battled Wonder Woman countless ammounts of time's and she became more intrested in her and they soon became arch-enemies.

Unlike The Joker and Lex Luthor, Cheetah is okay with the idea of Wonder Woman not being around.

Cheetah somtimes rallies with The Joker, Lex Luthor, Bane, Poison Ivy and Two-face and rarely other Wonder Woman villians.

In Justice League:Doom

Minvera is in her Cheetah form for the whole movie, she was recruited to join the team by Bane, she poisoned Wonder Woman making her see everyone as Cheetah so she would attack everyone and the police would lock her up, this failed and Wonder Woman fought Cheetah, Wonder Woman wining and Cheetah was locked up.

Variations Edit

Cheetah physical
first trysecond trycurrent