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"It's no use Chris! Do you realize what will happen when the others find out!?"
―Chris and Bartlby arguing

Chris and Bartlby are members of the ninja, acting as two out of 3 voices of reason (the other being Tanzy). Chris apparently has Multiple Personality Disorder, with his alter ego Bartlby manifesting through Chris's favorite Childhood toy, a purple puppet.



Chris was orphaned at a young age, when he was found by Dr. Braynes. Braynes genetically enhanced Chris with the DNA of one of the five greatest ninjas of all time. Dr. Braynes showcased Chris, along with Spence, Rogi, Andre, and Tanzy, to the military as super soldiers, but they were quickly rejected due to being only 2 years old. When the M.U.N.G. protestants combusted into zombies and went for Dr. Braynes, he was the only one to not help save him and instead went straight for the trash can and took Bartlby.


Bartlby was originally a military weapon called the Bio-interfacing Assault & Reconnaissance Troop: Lethal Bad*** series (B.A.R.T.L.B.), created by Dr. Braynes. The weapon was quickly rejected due to its puppet appearance. However, during the zombie attack, instead of helping his friends save Dr. Braynes, Chris went straight for the trash and took Bartlby with him.


Chris shows little personality, instead expressing everything through Bartlby, leading him to be regarded as a weirdo by his teammates. However through Bartlby, Chris has shown he's wiser than the other ninjas combined.



"HE'S A PUPPET! Tell 'em, Chris."
―Spencer and Chris "argueing"

Spencer is the only ninja to notice Bartlby is a puppet.


  • Some people believe Bartlby has a mind of his own.
  • For some reason, when Chris got stomach flu in Episode 9, Bartlby is the one who puked.
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