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Clove was a female career tribute, from the masonry district, or most commonly known as District 2. She participated in the 74th annual Hunger Games, and placed 6th out of the 24 tributes. She, along with the other career tributes, massacred the other tributes at the Cornucopia. Clove, Cato, Glimmer, Marvel, and the District 4 Female, and others, were a band that surveyed the area for any remaining tributes. They wanted to eliminate other tributes, and eventually kill eachother. She survived the tracker-jacker incident, but her downfall came during the Feast.


Clove found Katniss attempting to take the medicine bag during the Feast, which is a time where tributes can take their necessities that they need to survive. The Feast also brings tributes together, so that they can battle. Clove tackled Katniss, and gave her a bleeding cut on her forehead. She tortured Katniss, and told her that she and the other careers' killed Her little ally; Rue. Thresh was secretly hiding and overheard Clove's conversation. He then ran out from his hiding spot and picked up Clove. He asked her if she killed Rue. Clove denied it, but Thresh thought otherwise; And he threw Clove to the ground. Thresh picked up a rock, and Clove lost it. She screamed for Cato, and Cato replied; But he was too far away. Thresh then hit Clove over the head; Which gave her a dent in her skull. This caused massive internal bleeding. Thresh asked Katniss if she really tried to save Rue. Katniss said 'yes,' and Thresh spared her life. He then stole Clove's necessities. Clove's weapons of choice are throwing knives. She has exceptional aim and is very fierce and aggressive. Her training score in the Capitol training sessions were a 10 out of 12.