The Code Cave entrance
Code Monkey Cave

Tax-Menx2, Code Monkeysx3


Da Ca$h


Stone Warrior

Beware! The evil Tax-Men have upgraded themselves to battle the Code monkeys who have been falsely accused of breaking into Brickipdia and Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki.


This set contains a small code entrance, with many tall sloping bricks in light and dark stone grey. The roof is made with upside down sloping bricks, paralled on top to create an uneven arch. On the inside of the cave entrance, are 2 dynamite sticks. On the other side of the arch, are a pair of flick-fire stalactites which can drop on the head of the Tax-Men. Also included in the set is a computer station, made with three flat 4x4 bricks and 2x1 bricks at the bottom to represent a keyboard. There are 3 of these, all connected with hinge and angled towards each other.


This set is based on the scene when the Tax-Men upgrade and attack the Code Caves where the Code Monkeys live, and have been framed for robbing Wikia. Now the Tax-Men are attacking, and the Code Monkeys must defend themselves,so who will win? Will the Code Monkeys be exterminated forever, or will the Tax-Men underestimate these agile little four-armed, prehensile-tailed laser shooting rascals? Or will Ca$h cow detonate his hidden dynamite, and trap 2 of his enemies forever.



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