If 1,000 Code Monkeys bashed their fists on 1,000 keyboards, what could they write?

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Code Monkeys; loud, annoying, rude, and filthy (in more ways than expected). Code Monkeys are linked to a Golden Staff, and whoever owns this staff may control their every action. It wasn't always like this, back when the internet was new, and Wikia was just a shady 'legitimate' corporation selling voting machines, weather balloons, and tommy guns, the Code Monkeys lived in their own jungle, swinging from tree to tree, watching videos of robots falling down stairs, and rolling around in toxic waste, it was a simple life. Then an unpleasant war of some sort caused them to be linked to the Staff O' Trollface, and after that their jungle was burned down, salt was sowed, the land was paved over, and now there's an supermarket that sells sweaters for iguanas.

However, after Pirate Pig was straight up killed by Ca$h Cow, and the staff was destroyed, the Code Monkeys were free to returned to their docile, and yet incredibly cruel, lives. However they didn't, they just sat around laughing at Wikia user's misfortune. However after COWMASTA's regime fell, and the Tax-Men took control, the Code Monkeys immediately surrendered, and the Tax-Men proceeded to throw sticks of dynamite at them for sport, fun, and profit. the Code Monkeys fled into caves and abandoned gold mines. It is assumed they still live there, because many underground entryways across the Wikia are now surrounded by flags and wooden stakes, and the constant clicking of keys echos out of the entryways.