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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Crossing the Morcian Border is a custom set made by Jeyo on November 24, 2012.


The set is made up of three segments: The Morcian border, the Ankorian border and the bridge and chasm in between. The Morcian side is has a rock formation with a white, sand blue and light grey stone structure built on top. The rocks are sand-yellow, brick-yellow and grey. The entrance has two sand blue flags on each side and a white and grey arch. A single Morcian Knight stands guard.

The rickety bridge consists of two parallel strings running from one side to the other, with several perpendicular white and brown planks in between them. Two of the planks, both near the Ankorian side, are broken. Below the bridge are several spikes of varying size, three black scorpions and a skeleton, most likely of the Shadow Knight that had been knocked down to the pit by a boulder thrown by Santis many months ago.

The Ankorian border comprises of dark brown and black stones and where once was an archway much like that of the Morcian side is now rubble and remains, having fallen into extreme disrepair. A staircase leads up to the bridge and Dash, Radia and Flex are walking on it.


After being transported back in time, the agents of Alpha Team spot the Kingdom of Morcia in the distance. They set out to leave the unforgiving realm of Ankoria. Dressed in medieval apparel, Dash, Radia and Flex cross the border from Ankoria to Morcia, where they hope to get some answers and turn the situation to their advantage.

Minifigures IncludedEdit

Dash JusticeRadiaFlexMorcian GuardSkeleton


  • This set depicts the same structure as the one in 8778 Border Ambush and bears a strong resemblance to the set.