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Cyrus Borg (B.D. Wong) is a custom minifigure by MLG Neo-Futurist who appears in Ninjago: Masters of Ninjitsu.


Masters of NinjitsuEdit


Ninjago: Masters of NinjitsuEdit


Cyrus Borg is the founder of Borg Industries, a major corporation that provides most of Ninjago City's technologies and neo-futuristic buildings. As a billionaire, Cyrus Borg boastfully created Borg Tower, a massive office tower over 150 floors. He has also created a robot assistant known as the Primary Interactive eXternal Assistant Life-form or PIXAL.


Sometime, the Ninja visited Ninjago City. There, they visited Borg Tower, where they encountered Cyrus Borg. While they were discussing matters about the Skolkahn, Fredrick, Borg Industries's head engineer, interrupted their conversation and told Borg that the robotic framework 5.4 on level 93 is complete. He also complimented Borg on his blue coat. Cyrus Borg then introduced him to the Ninja. Fredrick shook hands with them and walked away.

Garmadon VirusEdit

After the Skolkahn's terrorist attack at Ninjago City, they took over Borg Tower and General Cryptor infected it with the Garmadon virus. This turned all civilian technologies offline. It eventually hacked all military technologies to be used by the Skolkahn. Cyrus Borg attempted to retreat, but he was taken hostage.


  • He is voiced by B.D. Wong who also voices Henry Wu in the Jurassic movies.


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