Dark eater AI
Dark eaters lair figs 2

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Dark eater is an AI created by the Jorian empire to operate the Blackus satelite that is an wepoans platform orbiting Zequroz 5. The AI got corrupted with the machienary virus The HORMIER that developes an artifical personality for AI´s. Since then the Dark eater has been operating the Blackus as an wepoan to destroy enything near it and use it to expand the satelite. Its main plan is to get the satelite of the orbit and conquer planets and to solve his origins and also solve the mystery of why does life exist.

The Blackus satelite

The Blackus was made by the Jorians in the planet Yugir but was later abandoned when the great planetary war ended. The Blackus is heavily damaged since the debree from the Zequroz orbit. The Blackus is unable of firing the main wepoan (The Jorian Superspeed Railgun). The only wepoan system working correctly is the decks lighter railgun used to destroy debree from the shield and defend the platrform from space pirates.
Dark eater

The Blackus wepoans platform satelite.


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