Darth Killer
Darth Killer

Star Wars,Star Wars:After Luke




Darth Killer Sith Lord

" So You Wanted To Die By Coming Here."
―Darth Killer

Darth Killer is a Minifigure in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. He is a secert and very rare minifigure.

Darth Killer's Appearance


1st Variation On The Left; 2nd On The Right

In his 1st variation, He uses Han's head decal, Anakin's hair piece, Rench's torso decal and hands, and holds one of Asajj's lightsabers.

His 2nd variation has the same Lightsaber but his headpiece is a normal one, his face decal is similar to Han's, and his torso decal and hands are black with a robe decal on it. He also holds lighting in his other hand.

Darth Killer's Vehicles

He Owns A Tie Fighter With A Flamethrower,Heat Seeking Missle Launcher,And A Secert Cargo Room. He Has Also Been On Both Death Stars. The Fighter Also Has A Lightsaber Holder.

Darth Killer's Fighter

Darth Killer's Fighter.

Darth Killer's Sets.

Darth Killer Has Only Been In 2 Sets, Custom:Duel For The Crown And Death Star Escape. His Sets Have 1 Of His 2 Variations.

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