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After Darth Vader's Sith apprentice,Starkiller (Galen Marek) died, Vader made clones of the apprentice. There have been bad ones such as ones that can't use the force or that are weak. But one day a clone was made that could be much more stronger than the original.


As the new clone trained,Darth Vader saw that the force was strong with him. The clone trained for hours without any breaks. Darth Vader saw many victories ahead. Soon Marek went on his first mission: to destroy Geonosian troops in Geonosis planning revenge on the Imperial. So Marek went and killed about 300 Geonosians without getting harmed. Darth Vader was impressed, but he knew the apprentice had a long way to go. Vader had given him a ship called the Galaxy's Demise.

When the clone proved himself to Vader, Darth Vader sent him on an important mission. He was to kill Savage Opress who refused to join the Imperial Empire. When Marek arrived Dathomir, Marek had scared the Zabraks that he say. He demanded for Savage Opress, so they took him to Savage. Savage, being the new leader of the Zabraks had to protect his people. He fought with Marek until the clone had stricken him down to the floor and got stabbed. Marek took his armour and left to the Galaxie's Demise.The clone showed Darth Vader the armor and told him to keep it as a trophy. So Marek wore the armor and became Darth Marek.

  • Darth Marek with helmet.
  • Darth Marek without helmet.
  • Standing up.
  • Standing up.