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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Darz is a Minifigure who first appears as the main villain of Custom:LEGO Legacy (Video Game) and will appear in Custom:LEGO Legacy (Theme). He is a super-genius teenage alien minifigure from the deep future with a powerful desire to control the LEGO Universe.


Video GameEdit

In the game, he is supposed to be a minifigure from the deep future. Because of this, his minifigure anatomy is far more complex as he has nanotechnology stored inside him, enabling him to have certain powers and abilities an ordinary minifigure does not. He has a pale face with realistic wrinkles and eyes that light up red. He has a green body with muscle printings with a series of buttons implanted on him. On his back is a complex computer system that interlocks with various hard-drives. His hands have buttons on the shoulders as well as red lights on his hands. His feet continue with more lines and dots of red lights


He has the same appearance from the game, although the computers and buttons on him are only printings. However, he does have a working button on the back, where pressing it lights up red lights on his hands.


Custom:LEGO Legacy (Video Game)Edit

Darz originally lived on planet Kirstoin in the deep future of the LEGO Universe. There he was a genius teenager who always had the dream of becoming a powerful ruler and control the universe. He had a job in a technology facility, were he was working on a time machine with other Kirstoins. During one night, he secretly pattened down to machine and zapped himself farther into the future, believing he may learn about its intelligence. However, he notices that the future is merely a white blank world. However, there are holograms everywhere, showing alternate futures, similar to the Multiverse thoery. There he concentrates and sees a future where he rules the Universe. He then decides to zap himself into the past (really, the present time of the Legacy theme) and plans to easily take it over, thus altering the future. There, he realizes that his planet has not formed yet and seeks out for another living planet, LEGO City.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Upon entering the present, Darz believes that it would be too easy to take it over. Because of this, he plans to put up a trap for the Futuristic Builders and have some fun. For the first part of his plan, he had Cyborg Superman hack the a Borg Industries satellite, and used it to repower the Nindroids. He then commanded General Cryptor to have his troops set up a distraction by making an attempt to take over LEGO Tower. After the heroes defeated the Nindroids and Cyborg Superman, Darz disguised himself as the Joker, who had been deceased a long time ago and zapped the heroes into the Digiverse, where he created a Joker-style funhouse. After the heroes were blasted to the moon, he creates Arkham Knight in the Digiverse along with Sub Ultron-Soldiers. After their defeat, he creates clones of The Joker to distract them, while they are sprayed with fear toxin. They then hallucinate in levels, where they face their worst fears, but eventually overcome them by lighting up the Bat-symbol.

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  • He knows the real names of all superheroes and often uses this to mock and anger them.
  • His normal form unlocked after beating the first boss battle against him and can be bought for 50,000 studs.
  • His ultimate form unlocked after completing the game with 100% achieved for 25,000 studs.

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