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Deacon is a Proto-Xenomorph and a custom LEGO Minifigure presented in 2012. Deacon is the main antagonist in the 2012 film Prometheus.

Background Edit

Deacon was the first Xenomorph ever born but unlike other normal Xenomorph's Deacon was the result of a Trilobite (not the prehistoric creature) impregnating an Engineer with him.

Discription Edit

The Deacon only appears in the movie Prometheus and in the Prometheus artwork book where he is seen laying an Alien egg and walking on LV-223. Unlike other Xenomorphs Deacon is mostly Earth Blue instead of all black, does not have a bottom jaw on his internal jaw, and has a point at the end of his head while most other Xenomorph's have a round tip at the end of there heads.

Biology Edit

The Deacon appears not to be as slimy as other Xenomorphs. Deacon also has smooth rubbery skin that looks slimy in bright light but is quite dry in warm areas. However in damp areas Deacons skin is reasonably slimy. It is unknown as to weather or not Deacon has acid blood like normal Xenomorphs.

Appearances Edit

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Film appearances Edit

  • Prometheus.

Notes Edit

  • Deacon is the only Xenomorph to not have a bottom jaw on his internal jaw.
  • With his ferocity Deacon can control Xenomorph creatures such as the Runner and even the Queen's.

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