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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Defense Post Assault is a custom set made by Jeyo in November, 2012. It is the first major set in the theme Police State.


The set includes a Robot attack craft known as the JD-3 Pursuit Hawk and a human defense emplacement with a large cannon and a battered wall. Two robots and three humans are included.

The Pursuit Hawk

the Pursuit Hawk is black, white and dark blue, with room enough for a single minifigure in the cockpit. The canopy "glass" can open and close and the inside of the cockpit has a seat and a control panel. Two orange-tipped blasters are located jutting out from either side of the cockpit. Two grey ones protrude from a pair of stubby wings. A second, longer pair of wings arches down above the first. On the wingtips of these are heavy cannons. Just above and behind the cockpit are transparent blue and red bricks and the word "police". The Pursuit Hawk also has triple engines.

Defense Post

The human defense post consists of a battered and bullet ridden wall and large ATA-Cannon (Anti Tank & Aircraft) manned by the human Hajia Machi. The ATAC's barrel is black and is tipped with yellow. It has two sand blue plates coating its sides and a transparent neon green windshield. The back and bottom section, that which attaches it to its mount and provides the pilots, seat, uses what Jeyo's mother calls SIAD - Studs In All Directions.

A crate of grenades is also included, as are two walkie-talkies, some tools and a chainsaw. The humans are Jake Levet and "Chack" Darvish, who wields a large custom-made blaster.


A dark spot appears on the horizon. A Pursuit Hawk on patrol has spotted the humans' defense post! To counter the six blaster cannons and maneuverability of the craft, Hajia Machi jumps into the seat of the ATA Cannon! Will the cannon's long range and heavy fire capabilities destroy the Robot craft, or will the Pursuit Hawk swoop down and claim its prey?

Includes five Minifigures, a Rotating Cannon, the Pursuit Hawk and much more!

Minifigures IncludedEdit

Jake LevetHajia Machi"Chack" DarvishTBA Robot 1TBA Robot 2


The Pursuit HawkEdit

The Defense PostEdit