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King of Nynrah

9972 Dezalk is a BIONICLE: The Legend Continues set released in 2013. It contains Dezalk, a Ta-Matoran living on Spherus Magna.


Dezalk is a Ta-Matoran (Matoran of Fire), and is native to the Mata Nui robot. He lived on Voya Nui during the Piraka's reign over the island. He was the first one to be enslaved by their Zamor Spheres, but was later saved by the Toa Inika.

When Spherus Magna was reformed by the Great Spirit Mata Nui, Dezalk, along with the rest of the Matoran, evacuated the Mata Nui robot and were introduced to the Agori and Glatorian. Dezalk, along with the rest of the Ta-Matoran, became part of the Fire Tribe under the leadership of Raanu.

Personality and Weapons

Like the rest of his species, Dezalk is hot-headed, but also gullible. He wields a flamethrower as a weapon, crafted by the Po-Matoran called Velika for him.

Set Information

9972 Dezalk was released in January 2013 alongside the other small sets and contained 18 pieces.

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