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Dr. Sharktooth, or Dr. Effe De Nour Von Baron, was a Wikia scientist who was trying to find out how to use Dark Force, so wikia could defeat DarthShlomo with his own medicine, but a tragic accident transformer Dr. Effe De Nour into a hideous freak of nature, mixed with shark and man, he grabbed his shotgun, and in fury he killed a dozen wikia soldiers, blaming Wikia for this tragity, he grabbed his bombs and blew the Wikia Labs to smithereens, he escaped through the sewers, but other than his horrible Shark Face, his attempt to gain the power of the Darkside Of The Force was a success, making him able to choke and strike lightning, Dr Effe De Nour gave himself a new name because if he revealed himself wikia would easily kill him, he renamed himself to Dr. Sharktooth.

Notes From Creator

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  • Dr. Sharktooth might be related to Baron Von Baron, as his name is known as Dr. Effe De Nour Von Baron
  • He blew up the famed Wikia Labs, a base of Wikia that was used for the Wikia Scientists.
  • Oddly, he wants to get into the Wikia Droid Factory for unkown reasons.