Duel on Malachor V
Star Wars set 7 (Entire)



Meetra Surik
Darth Traya

Duel on Malachor V is a custom set created by JKaffekimbo. It includes the minifigures of Meetra Surik and Darth Traya.


After crashing on the surface of Malachor V, Surik proceeded to the Trayus Academy, where she demonstrated her strength with the Force and her skill in lightsaber combat against hordes of Sith Assassins, Lords, and Marauders before confronting Darth Sion himself. After persuading Sion to let go of his hatred, which caused him to finally succumb to his numerous injuries and die, she confronted and tried to redeem Traya. But Traya would not have it; though she was warmed by the thought that her former pupil would still care enough to try and "save" her from the dark side. She vowed that this confrontation could only end in death, and that if Surik would not fight her, she would break her as she did Sion. After a fierce but short battle, Surik severed Traya's remaining hand, as well as their Force bond in a single stroke. Traya hissed at Surik to finish her, but even after all the evil things Traya had done to her, the Jedi Order, and the galaxy, she chose the path of the Jedi and spared the wounded Sith Lord.



Meetra Surik on Wookiepedia [1]



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