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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Dwight Goldsmith is the son of a director of legendary caliber, which allowed Dwight to grow up surrounded by awards, Ca$h and leftover movie props.


It was soon discovered he was a child prodigy, and was fascinated by video games, however after he stayed up for a 48 hour period trying to complete a stack of the hardest Sega Genesis Games ever (which he hand selected because of their difficulty), his parents decided to send him to summer camp, where he established a dictatorship over the other campers using his knowledge, his ca$h, and a large mechanical penguin he constructed out of the plumping in his lodge. Truly; Dwight had a bright future.

After completing collage with high prestige at the age of 20 (prodigies don't have to do things like we do), and getting an honorary master's degree from the university of Wikia, Dwight returned to his parents, and then locked himself in the living room with the new Polystation and a stack of games that were not supposed to come out for five more months. Dwight used his family's fortune to pull strings, receive games early, and even finance his own development company. However when the COWMASTA took the Wikia's money, Dwight was displeased with the fact that all the Wikis he used for getting through his games 31% faster were shut down. He plotted with five other Wikia users to take down COWMASTA's, and successfully freed the Wikia, only now learned that his family's fortune was drained, he had used it all up, and he regretted all the times he threw gold bars at the mailman for fun and profit. He joined with the six (we picked up an extra hero during the attack at COWMASTA's castle) other Heroes to establish the New Regime, and Dwight supplied the Tax-Men with weapons and equipment, and soon he had more money than ever, and grew paranoid, and locked himself in his mansion, with only his video games, his collection of cartoon shows he liked when he was a kid, and his vast piles of ca$h.

Hmm...Doesn't seam like he expected Ca$h Cow to break in and take that Ca$h, did he? Oh wait, yeah he did, in fact he constructed a dozen or more robotic suits to fight Ca$h Cow. Yeesh, smart people thing of everything don't they?

Unfortunately, while he was battling Ca$h Cow - and almost winning - their was a slight issue. Ca$h Cow's ex-soldiers had cleared out all of his Ca$h.Unfortunately, he didn't have time to mope, as he was ordered by the other Supremer Rulers to lead the Tax-Men in an attack on Ca$h Cow's fake fortress.