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Edgar the Bug Disguised as Edgar
Edgar the Bug



Edgar, or, Edgar the Bug (Coming Soon), is at first, a very angry farmer, but is murdered by a Bug alien (appearing as a giant cockroach) that uses his skin as a disguise. He is then the main antagonist in Men in Black, which was inspired by the Men in Black comics, published by Marvel.

Background (Human)

Edgar is a very angry farmer, that had a bad run-in in Men in Black. In the beginning, Edgar is yelling at his wife for his dinner. He says the only thing that pulls it's weight around is his truck. However, just as he says this, his truck is destroyed by a flying saucer. He walks out to his truck with a shotgun, when a voice tells him to set it down. He tells the bug he'll put it down if he takes it from his cold, dead hands. The alien responds by saying that his proposal is acceptable, and Edgar is murdered by him. However, the alien uses Edgar's skin to get around and find the Arquilian Galaxy so in a way Edgar lives on.

Background (Edgar the Bug)

Edgar the Bug is a Bug alien and the main antagonist of Men in Black. His actual appearance is that of a giant cockroach. He hates it when any bug, especially cockroaches are killed. Edgar the Bug takes on the form of a colossal cockroach-esque alien, complete with two antenna hanging over its head. It has big yellow eyes and enormous, razor sharp teeth. When inhabiting the skin of Edgar, the Edgarbug looks remarkably like the farmer except for its raggard appearance, namely as its skin is noted to hang off its bones on several occasions. In addition, the Edgarbug's left eye is slightly discoloured and pale in comparison with his right eye. Over time in the movie the dead mans skin slowly decomposes becoming worse and worse each time hes seen.


  • Eating, Digesting Enemies
  • Crawling up Vertical Areas


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