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He's a fantastic Superhero from the Planet Uro. He was born on the Light Side of Uro. Name: Ethan Starr or Elinan Sorr Age: 18 Born: Minga 35th Wusione 14,580 or Monday 23rd July 1967 He is one of the most fearful leaders LEGO Agents have had for a Team of Meta-Humans and Humans.


On Uro, it was the Day of Destruction, the day Uro died, no one survived the Blast, King Jilobue sent his son to earth to survive the Blast and bring peace to Earth. He crashed on New Zealand and was raised as an ordinarry Child of Earth, he got picked on and then he some how translated all of what they said to Uroion Language then he thought, "I'm not from Earth?". He started to fight for freedom at age 15 and carried on until 38. He was one of the noble heroes Earth had ever had, he enjoyed his many years with Super Moderngeneration Blast Team, but that wasn't enough for him or the team. In future he will be replaced by Tyjie Sorr or Tyler Starr (His Sister). Ethan only has a sister in one dimention and she is the one that will replace Ethan from his line of Sorr.

Why he started the Team and how

In Agents News in California, they heard the news "18 yrs Child traps Agents" on the front title, even the whole newspaper. LEGO Agents US sent some of their best members in to find this Boy. Their best members were Felix Thunter, Happy-Jax and Cole Homies (Zakery Homies did not come in until Season 2). He started it with Rosee then went all around the nations to find the best Meta-Humans, then he came to the UK and found Mindtwister and he was Human with a Magical Staff that his father found in the crash in New Zealand, then he continued to look for Meta-Humans and Civilians that had magical relics and weapons.



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