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Elene Grievance was the former leader of the Heralds of Death, but when Dominus D Tenebris went out of control, she conspired against him, was imprisoned, and with Vaurien and Mahrous with her, killed Dominus.


Elena Grievance has plain black legs, a torso with armor printing around the shoulders. Her hair is long and cascading, piled high and thick. One face shows fear, while the other appears sadistic.


Elene Grievance was born into the shady sect of the Heralds of Death, a group who attempt to bring the entity of Death into the World,and she quickly became their leader. By the age of 34, she had killed the previous leader, her uncle and trained Dominus D Tenebris, who quickly became devoted to Death.

Eventually, as Dominus began his war, Elena discovered how to contact Death. As Dominus made his bargain, the Heralds were thrilled - they were closer to victory than ever before. As the war continued, Elena realized that Dominus was out of control. He had violated many of the sect's most sacred laws, so Elena took matters into her own hands. She attemped to assassinate Dominus, butt was captured. In prison, she met Vaurien and Mahrous.

Elena's family(who agreed with her about Dominus) broke her out, and at her command, did the same to Vaurien and Mahrous. They then traveled to Dominus' palace, where a huge battle commenced. After a long battle, Elena stabbed him through the heart, and warned Vaurien that this wasn't over...

Powers and Abilities Edit

Elena was a skilled fighter in various martial arts, and could throw knives at a distance of 50 feet. She had the magical ability to charge objects to explode. She was a vicious and ruthless fighter, and heavily devoted to her sect.

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Elene Grievance