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"I can steal from those Ravens blind and they won't even notice."

Elora is a custom LEGO Minifigure introduced in the Legends of Chima theme. She is exclusive to the custom set Elora's Raid.

Details Edit

Elora has a torso and belt with light blue skin, like the head-piece under the eagle 'helmet'; white arms and legs; and hands of flame yellow. Her toes have dark grey talon printing, three talons on each leg. Her 'helmet', white in base colour, has a flame yellow beak, black rings over the eyeholes, blue feathers at the top, and three 'prongs' rise from the back. She wears belts on his legs, and some sort of knee printing is below them. Her belt has dark red printing with a silver belt buckle; her eyes, revealed through the eyeholes, are orange. Over her torso, she wears a golden shoulder armor piece with a transparent light blue flat-stud piece in the middle; clips at the back connect to black raven wings with a profuse amount of feathers. Her torso has a belly button, and a golden top to cover her chest.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Elora maybe born as part of the Eagle Tribe, but the others suspect that, due to her having some traits of a Raven, Elora maybe a part of the Raven sent to spy on the Eagles. Due to those, she was banished from the Eagle Tribe, Much to Ewald's dismay, where she roamed the jungle floor. Despite her banishment, Elora learned how to be stealthy by observing the Wolf Tribe. She uses her new found sleath ability to steal from The Wolves, Crocodiles and Ravens while their backs were turned. She salvages the parts and materials she stole to make her own weapons and Speedorz. At one point, she steals Chi crystals from 70006 Cragger's Command Ship and stores them away in hollowed out boulders to avoid getting caught. Despite her thief demeanor, Elora can be quite a kindhearted airhead.

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