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Equolia is an Exiled Member of the Eagle Tribe.


Underwater Variant

The only reason why Equolia has his Wings out and not covered in O.K Steel is because he fights on the Beach defeating the Seagull Tribe. Equolia Torso, Hip and Leg are the same as the other characters. His Helmet, Arms and Wings are Brown. And his Wing Holders and Head are Dark Brown. Plus his other leg is Silver to identify that it is Metal.


Equolia was Exiled from the Eagle Tribe and cast out into the Outlands. He used the Golden CHI that he has won to defeat Spinlyn. But it was not acceptable. And when he was Exiled Eris was only a Chick (Baby). Equolia protect Chima from all the Outlanders with the help of his Friend, Lavertus. Now both Lavertus and Equolia have came back to save Chima from Underneath their feet.