Evil Investor
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Custom:Inspiration Comics

Evil Investor is a villain in Inspiration Comics.


The Evil Investor is an investor for VonTech. There was an old business that he and Dr. Von once owned, InvizaCorp, but the building burned down, killing the Evil Investor's daughter in the process. Dr. Von being the scientist behind it all, the Evil Investor blamed him for it. Now he's out to get revenge.

Now Dr. Von's daughter, Alexa Von, is in the learning process of getting a job at VonTech. The Evil Investor saw this as the perfect opportunity to get his revenge. Because Dr. Von had recently found the solution to bringing dinosaurs back to life, he decided to mix up the DNA codes. The newest dinosaur, King Dino, was now created. With its unprepared for mighty strength, the dinosaurs all escaped the Forest Simulator's boundaries, and were set free in Inspiration City. Eventually, the Velociraptors found the Evil Investor, and attacked and fed on him.

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