Ex-Ca$h Trooper (Ca$h Stuff)
Ex-Ca$h Trooper 1

Dat Ca$h


Each one is different from the last, like a snowflake made of solid gold.


Whatever they feel like.


2014-Whenever they decide to put on the old uniform and do something with their lives.




These people are just sad, when the New Regime started, these users they hung their Ca$h uniforms in their closets, burned any proof they had of loving Ca$h, and now sit around playing online games like "MoolaCraft", they also sit on their front porches,collect action figures they then hang on their walls and never open, start fights, and talk about "The Good Old Days". They are usually easy to identify, because 9 out of 10 times they still wear a green to let other Ex-Ca$h Troopers know they're on the same side.

However, all they need is something to fight for, say; Ca$h Cow running past their house mooing in terror while being chased by Tax-Men, and they get out their old uniform, open up their wall safes to retrieve their hidden Ca$h, and the next thing you know, they're bombing Wikia outposts. WOOOO! We're having an uprising again!


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