Exploriens II
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King Kahuka

Exploriens II is a custom theme that has focus on the original Exploriens theme.


It begins when the exploriens are readying to go back to Earth, until Nova Hunter finds an alien-like relic, and Ann Droid figures out there are thousands scattered across the magma moon. Alpha draconis and gypsy moth hear this, and they all try to find the relics, ending up in a war to find them.

Notes From The Maker

  • This is based off of Exploriens.
  • Sets are picking up, and after my Adventurers building contest, i'll add an Exploriens contest for this theme. (Well, maybe not)
  • This is the 25,347th page on brickipedia.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
No image Custom:  Hover Rover          
No image Custom:  Alpha's Discovery          
No image Custom:  UFO Attack!          
No image Custom:  Explorien Monorail          

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