Волк Фенрир(2)




Fenrir is a giant wolf, he was also called Fenris. Snorri Sturluson had also given Fenrir another name, Vanargand.No chains can hold him for he is forever growing. Odin bound him up with a magical ribbon of Glepnir, which was created by the dwarves, but at the end of the world the wolf will rip off his bounds. Fenrir will kill Odin at the end of the world. After realizing he was tricked by the gods, Fenrir bit Tyr's hand, therefore leading Tyr to be known as the one-handed god. When Ragnarok came, Fenrir joined the legion of monsters, demons and giants who fought againts the gods. Fenrir battled Odin and devoured the latter. Odin's son, Vidar ripped the wolf's jaws apart with his bare hands to avenge Odin.

Fenrir is the son of Loki and the giantess Angrboda.belongs the Rawzom,brother of Jörmungandr

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