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"Actually, I'm not a Brit or a Yank. I'm just Ferb"

Ferb Fletcher is the Stepbrother, and best friend, of Phineas and Candace Flynn. Like Phineas, he is exceedingly creative, and can build anything in a day. Unlike Phineas, he doesn't talk much.


"Give up? Give up? The day may come when we'll give up on fruitless searches after a mere eleven minutes, but that day is not today. The day may come when our favorite reptile may be lost from our memories, and his enduring love of mushrooms forgotten, but that day is not today! Today we search. We will search for him in the streets. We will search for him in the trenches. We will search for him in the alleys and the mini-malls and the cul-de-sacs of this fair land! We will search for him in the multi-level car parks and municipal recreational facilities. And we few, we happy few, we small band of brothers, and girl-from-across-the-street. We shall not cease until he is found!"
―Ferb's longest line yet
"Um, hello? Entire lower half of amazing superhero here. (Sigh) I guess there's no glory in thighs."
―Ferb controlling the Beak's legs