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"It's Filthy Frank, minifigure! It's Filthy Frank, brick! Let's get some pieces tonight!"
―Filthy Frank's outro

Filthy Frank is a custom minifigure by MLG Neo-Futurist. He is the main protagonist of the The Filthy Frank Show.



Filthy Frank bears the look of a nerd, wearing a blue collared outfit and glasses. He is played by Joji Miller.


Filthy Frank now has an open mouth stained with ravioli along with a some ravioli in his pocket.


Filthy Frank is dressed in his chef attire. He has a mustache and he is stained with flour.


Filthy Frank is an anti-PC, anti-social, and anti-couth nerd who reacts excessively to many controversial and non-controversial issues. Frank lives in a messy apartment with his unusual friends and roommates including Pink Guy, Anything4Views, Black, Brock Lee, Creepy Dude, Dade, E.T., Idubbbz, Lemon Man, Mamba, Maxmoefoe, Politikz, Pookie, Prometheus, Red, Red Ranger, Safari Man, Salamander Man, Santa's Brother, Shaman, Specialist, and the Troll. "Papa Frank" acts as a father figure to many of them and teaches them his irresponsible ways.

Filthy Frank is Japanese and has a lot of respect for his culture. He teaches his viewers Japanese and highlights the danger of "weeabos". His kitchen is filled with Asian foods including Top Ramen, fried rice balls, stir fry, etc. Frank worships, Chin Chin, a bad tempered god who offers protection to Frank and his friends in exchange for sacrifices. Filthy Frank's closet also contains a portal, allowing him to travel to other realms.

Due to his offensive and rude lifestyle, Filthy Frank had been banished by Chin Chin to a realm known as the Rice Fields and had been replaced by an impostor known as Fake Frank. Frank and his friends later waged a war against Chin Chin, becoming victorious and defeating Fake Frank.


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