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Finn the Human, age 15, is the main protagonist of "Adventure Time." He lives in a huge tree fort with his adopted brother/best friend, Jake the Dog, and a sentient Video game console/robot named BMO, in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo. Despite Finn being a hero to his core, his biological dad, Martin, is a complete jerk.


About 11 years before "Adventure Time" begins, Finn was abandoned in the forest (due to his real dad being framed for a huge crime). He was eventually found by Margaret and Joshua (Jake's parents), who raised him as one of their own. When he was five, he managed to kill an evil bear, and wears it's skin as a hat.

By the time "Adventure Time" begins, Finn has become 12 years old, and is the last known human in Ooo, with the exception of his real dad. Inspired by stories of a legendary hero named Billy, Finn and Jake were inspired to become heroes too. As "Adventure Time" continued, Finn found a girlfriend in Flame Princess (partly because she is the only princess in Ooo who's about his age, and partly because they have almost identical personalities. He also bought a cursed grass sword (cursed as in he couldn't put it down), but upon accepting it's cursed, he's able to transform it into a gauntlet when not in use. However FInn lost this sword, along with his right forearm in the season 6 premeir, partially because of his real dad.

Skills and abilities

  • Expert swordsman: Finn is a master at sword fighting.
  • Auto-tune: After accidentally swallowing a tiny computer, Finn has complete control over his voice, making it sound computerized when singing, and making it lower when going incognito.


  • Martin (Real father)
  • Jake (adopted brother/best friend/Roommate)
  • BMO(Roommate)
  • Joshua (Adopted Dad)
  • Margaret (Adopted Mom)
  • Charlie (Niece)
  • TV (Nephew)
  • Viola (Niece)
  • Kim Kil Whan (Nephew)
  • Jake Jr. (Niece)
  • Flame Princess (Girlfriend)