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The Second Doctor ?

The Three Doctors VS Omega

The Second Doctor is a custom minifigure from the custom theme Doctor Who. He was played by Patrick Troughton from 1966 to 1969.


The Second Doctor has a Black torso with Light Nougat hands. He has Olive Green legs, which are mini, and Dark Brown hair. He has custom decals on his face and torso.


The First Doctor said to Ben and Polly "This old body's wearing a bit thin" before he retreated into the TARDIS, his companions following. He collapsed to the floor and regenerated. The Second Doctor likes to play the recorder, and is much more agile and enthusiastic than his previous incarnation.


  • The Three Doctors VS Omega

Gallery of Variants

{{MinifigureGallery |File:Dr_who_2.png |txt1=1st |File:Dr_who.png |txt2=2 1st doctor 1st look

Dr who 4

|txt3=3 regenerates

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