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Hollow Men are minor villains in the The Atomist theme.They appear only in one set,The Well of Life.


The Fleshling has darkish brown legs with printing on the torso that continues the legs brown. The torso is printed with a black shirt split along the middle and black arms. Between the shirt parts is lumpy,papery skin.The head is Yazneg's backwards showing the same papery skin with a number of stitched-up scars. He wears a metallic grey helmet.


Fleshlings are evil soldiers,they are made of a strange papery skin made out of sloughed snakeskin and human skin. They are then inflated with gases made from burnt organs and other gore. They are animated with runes burned onto their skin and follow orders from humans with special megaphones to control them. They were used by Dominus D Tenebris to guard and besiege low priority targets. Their hands and feet are stuffed with bones to give them weight.