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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

"*sigh* ... I wish those lions' children would read their mail more often, my bag is getting heavier every day."

Garuda is a custom LEGO Minifigure introduced in the Legends of Chima theme. He is a Custom Minifigure, made out of mixed Chima Character's elements.

Details Edit

Garuda has beige arms, torso, legs, and white claws/hands. His toes have markings of lion-like toes, and he wears a blue kilt with golden and black markings, and bands on his knees. Over his chest, he wears a blue belt. His chest markings are white and muscular-looking. His face is beige, He wear an 'helmet', gold in base colour, has a flame yellow beak, eyeholes surrounded by blue war-marks painting, His eyes, revealed through the eyeholes, are orange and white. Over his torso, Garuda wears a cape and a golden shoulder armour piece with White Eagle wings that connect to his back. He has a small brown beard under his beak.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Garuda is a member of the rarely seen Griphon Tribe. Most of the time he's calm and somehow distant to others. Don't take offense from that cold attitude tho, he's probably just lost in plans and reflexions. He is always vigilent and generous, he dosen't hesitate long when he see someone in trouble. His character and actions are easyly previsible, and that's a point he tend to hate, when you surprise him, he might needs time to recover, hidden behind a fast and unaudible blable.

He is the second born from the union of Lyua, a female Lion Tribe member, and Edword, an Eagle council. The love and history of his parents, in addition to the three hybrid they gave life to, are seen and welcome as a faithfull event to strengthens the bonds of the two (already close enough) tribes. Every citizen who know or have meet with the couple see Garuda, his brother and sister, as messengers of peace and happen to have very high expectations for them.

Thus, giving up to the constent pressure of his surrounding, our not-so-young Garuda gave in and became literally what people wanted him to be ; a Messenger. He is a very close friend of Longtooth, and the two hang together quite often. That is because, despite the fact Garuda is still younger than him, they have alot of similar interests, like ; fishing, phylosophy, womens, hunting and strategy-related games.

Once the war began to strike, the familly split up. His older brother Ghorn and her wife decided to stay hidden atop a far away mountain, one that travel trough the eastern territory of the Eagle Tribe, and wait for the chaos to settle down. His younger sister escaped with their father, finding refuge in the middle of the Lion's capital, and surrounded themself with an elite guard within the sacred Chi temple.

Again, the only one who can lend a hand to the united tribes in this state of emergency and fight in order to restore peace and trust between all the animals is Garuda.

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