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Golfindrel is an elf of the house Velena, and a supporting character in the atomist.

Description Edit

Golfindrel is a standard minifigure, with crimson legs that appear faintly torn on the left leg. His torso shows a kimono folded and held by a brown belt with a golden clasp. His head has a determined - yet faintly cocky - expression, while his hair is bown with 2 short flesh-colored, pointed ears.

Background Edit

Golfindrel, 1st heir of house Velena was raised in the Wysteria Wood, east of the Blood Mountains. He was born to the Elven Lords of House Velena, and was groomed into an Elven Lordling, until he decided to step aside and join the Kuenyar(Elven army). His brother ruled over House Velena, while Golfindrel battled on the front lines of the Sorcerer War. Over time, he and Vaurien became good friends, and he was robbed of his belief that humans were inferior creatures.

Throughout the War, Golfindrel and Vaurien met at various times and often assisted each other, in battles such as the battle of Blakensfield, the Great Sky Hammer Battle and the battle of the Kelp fields(underwater). Eventually, when Vaurien called Golfindrel and his other friends, he was happy to join the quest for Life, though the others didn't tell him that their destination was the Sacred Well of the Elves, which he never would have let them enter. He bravely held off a small army of Reapers, and escaped with his life.

After the War ended, he met with Vaurien. When they met, Golfindrel was enraged by Vaurien's actions and refused to remain friends with him. Golfindrel returned to his home, Wysteria Wood, and grudgingly agreed to replace his brother as ruler of House Velena. By the time of the Quest of the Reapress, his fury with Vaurien cooled, and he forgave his old friend, though he continued attending to his duties in Wysteria Wood.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Golfindrel was an elf, and trained in the use of 76 weapons, 12 elven martial arts and 22 human martial arts. He was a deadly warrior and skilled with his tongue, using the Elven Language(which can influence matter and energy) to great lengths. He preferred, however, to use weapons and his body over magic.

Gallery of Variants Edit

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