Gorilotha (Underwater)

LEGO Legends of Chima: Underwater Discovery


Chi Arm


Gorilotha is a Member of the Gorilla Tribe. Gotilotha is G'Loona's Brother.


Underwater Variant

He has an Earth Blue Torso, Hips and Legs. He has Black Arms, Head and Helmet. And He has Dark Grey Hands in his Underwater Variant.


He is a Warrior of the Gorilla Tribe. At the age of 15 Gorilotha signed up to become a Warrior of the Gorilla Tribe. Later when he was 18 he was able to enter the Lion CHI Temple, fully. Then at the age of 19 he went to a War and was listed as MIA. He has came back to Help all of the Tribes of Chima defend Chima. He is mostly seen inside the Outlands talking to ShadoWind/Lavertus and beating up Bat and Scorpion Warriors.


  • Gorilotha looks like a Silver Back Gorilla.

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