Grave danger



Grave robbers (x2)
Zombie Cop
Mutated Baseball Zombie


Czech's stuff


Take a wild guess ^

Grave danger is a small moc built for the sake of there being more zombies. Not really, I was bored when I built this.


Two 2x6 plates, on the end is two nouggat coloured studs, in-between them is a profile brick, on top of that is a plain brick, and two 1x1 bricks on top of the studs. Then two cylinder pieces. A arch-y type piece on both sides, one black brick, and one grey brick with a knob, I only used one to make the "R.I.P" thing look slanted. An odd grill piece on top.

The rest is just a nice bit of building, a few flat pieces, and normal plates above them, and on the side a few cheese slopes to look like the zombie got dug out by the Grave robbers.

Designer Notes

  • 2/3 of the zombies have Renfield's head.
  • Yes, the zombie cop DOES have a half arm.
  • The Grave robbers are stealing the shiny thing, if you didn't notice.
  • Funnily enough, both of the human faces are from the same theme - Alien Conquest.


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