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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Henry Adams is a custom minifigure by GoldNinjaMX, who will appear in an upcoming theme. He will be an enemy of Batman Beyond.


Henry Adams has a white head. The head has a printing of his mouth with a Glasgow smile, similar to the Dark Knight variant of The Joker. He wears glasses and has green eyebrows. He uses Grandpa's hair in green, with a white bald spot. In the bald spot, there is also some green hair printing. Henry's body is tan with a sweater printing similar to the Computer Programmer. He has white arms and hands. He has plan gray feet.


During the events of Arkham City, The Joker had donated his blood to various hospitals. Although Batman and Commissioner Gordon stopped the blood from being shipped to hospitals, some still managed to reach. Because of this, five people were infected with the Joker's blood, Henry Adams being one of them. All the other victims were crazy, similar to the Joker. However, Henry was the only person who was completely sane.

When Commissioner Gordon visited the Batcave in Arkham Knight, all the other victims yelled crazy things. However, Henry complained about being prisoned at the Batcave and taking tests, and how he wanted to see his family. Because of this, Gordon asked Batman why Henry Adams is not like the other victims. Batman then told him that Henry is the only person immune to the Joker's blood.

Later on, Harley Quinn attacked the Batcave and freed all the victims. During that time, Henry Adams helped Batman to maintain the Batcomputer. After Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) succeed in recapturing all the victims, Henry pointed a gun at Batman. It is then revealed Henry wasn't immune to the Joker's blood and tricked Batman the whole time. He then called Harley Quinn, who appeared to be happy, seeing the "new Joker". Henry Adams then said that there can only be one Joker, killing the other four. Because Batman himself, was also infected with Joker's blood, Henry said Batman would make the perfect Joker, killing himself.

In GoldNinjaMX's Batman, Henry Adams will be an enemy of Batman Beyond, instead of Batman



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