Dragonoid HydraKing

Lego Ninjago:Reign of the Nindroids,Ninjago:Rebooted,Ninjago:Invasion of Doom


Dark Robes
Nindroid Robes
Dragonoid Armor
Combined Dragonoid Form
Dragon Form


Dark Elemental Blade
Techno Blade
Staff of the Dragonoids


Predacon Blazer

"I vow that on this day, It'll begin a new age, the age of Chaos!"
―HydraKing says to Team Ninjago when he comes out of the Spiritual Portal in the Ninjago:Rebooted series

HydraKing is a god of destruction and is the herald of Predatron. In his early days of leadership, he got affected by Pixal and has been vaporized into 6 parts to officially combine him into the Full version of himself. But he is in one of his components to combine into his full self. In his minifigure mode, he is a complete Dragonoid (Dragon + Android = Dragonoid) But he is also a Nindroid.


Dragonoid HydraKing
Screenshot 2013-11-14 09.38.03
Dark RobesNindroid RobesDragonoid ArmorCombined Dragonoid FormDragon form


  • His full body is linked to the other 5 dragons.
  • He has sort of has the abilities of a Dragon and a Evil God
  • In the Ninjago:Rebooted stop motion series, HydraKing will be in his fully combined form.
  • HydraKing is the True Leader of the Dragonoid army.
    • Dragonoids are a type of robot kind which wanted to destroy Ninjago's original protecters, The Spinjitzu Master,Nindroids,and Ninja.There Special ability is if when there is Gladitorial battles or other types of Battles, they would transform into a Dragonoid UltraDragon.
  • He is the 1st officer of the War Faction, Power of Darkness.

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