Icey Interception
Icey Interception



Killer Frost
Black Canary


Birds of Prey

Icy Interception is a Custom Set that appears in the Birds of Prey Theme. It Features 4 Minifigures and 14 Accessories.

Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Stop the Evil Villainess, Killer Frost from freezing over Gotham

Killer Frost has captured a poor civilian in a chunk of Ice. She's working her Lab trying to find a way to freeze over Gotham City quicker. But her mission is stopped by Black Canary and Batgirl. Oh No, Killer Frost has put the diamond that she stole into the Freeze Ray. Will Batgirl and Black Canary have enough time to stop Killer Frost from freezing over Gotham and save the civilian? You decide.

  • Includes 4 Minifigures with 14 Accessories: Killer Frost, Batgirl, Black Canary and Mechanic.
  • Icey Interception features a Lab, Cabinets, Injectors, Tools and a Ice Chunk.


  • Killer Frost and Mechanic are Exclusive to this Set.
  • In the Description the Mechanic is referred to a Civilian.


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