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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

An Illuminati is a Minifigure who will appear in an upcoming MLG theme by MLG Neo-Futurist. He also appears as in Easter egg in Ninjago: Masters of Ninjitsu.



The Illuminati are members of the secret society known by the same name. The group was founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776 and still exists today. They seek to establish New World Order.

The Illuminati consist of two ranks: the normal members and the staff members. The staff members are people with high power and authority in the Illuminati, while the normal members are people with less experience and less power. The normal members wear blue coats with the new, blue Illuminati hologram on their heads. However, the staff wear black coats with the new Illuminati hologram on their heads, but in the old green color.

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The Playground

Sometime the Panda Express Man discovered that Pro had the potential to become a great future leader and help the Illuminati in their plans. Because of this the Illuminati had a plan. First, they created a wax model of Pro and blew it up, afterward. They also built the playground as well as the monkey bar. They spilled oil on the fourth bar so Pro would trip. Below it, they dug a hole and filled the top with hay. When Pro fell off the monkey bars and into the hole, they shot a mine with blanks and put the was model of Pro. This caused everyone to believe that Pro was dead.

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Panda Express

The two nights after Pro was killed, his friend Lenny went to Panda Express. He ordered the usual Chow Mein, Brejing Beef, Shanghai Angus Steak, and a Potsticker. Lenny ate at the farthest table and once he was done, he opened up his fortune cookie. He saw that on the fortune was a picture of the Illuminati logo. An chief from Panda express is then seen with a sinister face, as he is part of the Illuminati and is presumably responsible for the Lenny's fortune.

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Soon, Lenny discovered the Illuminati's secret base and went there to rescue Pro. However, the leader of the Illuminati informed Lenny that Pro has been completely brainwashed and has become one of them. Pro then pointed his gun toward Lenny.

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Ninjago: Masters of Ninjitsu

During the Borg Industries hostage crisis in Ninjago: Masters of Ninjitsu, a man in a black suit was seen activating a blue Illuminati hologram on his head for a second. The hologram then faded away and the man escaped. This was one of the Easter Eggs in the movie.



  • Illuminati Gunman
  • Black Ops


  • Probert (formerly)
  • Panda Express Man


  • Illuminati Leader
  • Illuminati Staff


  • TBA

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