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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.


This set is a bust of the Infomaniac made in roughly 20 minutes because this set is a bust of the Infomaniac made in roughly 20 minutes.


The Infomaniac is a communist who set to the seas to escape when he was overthrown. He traveled until he discovered a deserted island, which was where he decided to set-up shop, naming it LEGO Island.

Becoming lonely, the Infomaniac sold his soul to Grigori Rasputin to learn how to create. Rasputin granted the Infomaniac with the first LEGO brick. At first, the Infomaniac built himself yachts, hotels, and fancy restaurants as he needed, but soon his loneliness came back. He used the brick to create The Brickster, his first friend. However, the Infomaniac always felt superior to Brickster, and exerted his control over him as a supremest. One day, Brickster rebelled against the Infomaniac, by taking more bricks (LEGO bricks reproduce asexually in this world in a process known as 'studding') than the Infomaniac decided he needed. Brickster fled and created his own Ogel Island...IN SPACE.

Infomaniac continued to build citizens on LEGO Island, but they were still plagued by The Brickster who attacked the island with his army of robots to try and free the unsuspecting populace. However, his efforts usually left with him in jail.

Brickster will remain in jail until the Chosen One, an illiterate pizza boy named Pepper Roni, makes the ultimate decision. Should the red brick go and the green brick stay? But alas, our illiterate hero cannon understand the question, but what he hears is "Green Red brick you stay" to which he answers "no" of course....

All hope for LEGO Island is lost.

Designer's Notes

  • Ta da
  • This was not a joke. I'm excerpting my right of free speech as an American citizen while I still can.


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