Irnakk: The Adventure Begins


Irnakk: The Adventure Begins is a custom theme created by Saburo954 in July 2013. It was meant to cheer up Brickipedians about when Irnakk left Brickipedia.


Irnakk has left Brickipedia, he has gone elsewhere, in the forests of The Wiki Gate (exit of Brickipedia). After weeks of riding around on his horse, he finds a company where soldiers (Lucy), Jed and Owen find him and recruit him to join the army. They, together fight in the army against nasty orcs and their leader, Lord Goblin. Now Irnakk has to stop Lord Goblin from taking over Brickipedia, and it won't be easy.

After training, the army goes up to attack and stop Lord Goblin and succeed.

After the war is over, there is a ceremoney, were Irnakk gets an honorary lightsaber.




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