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Isabelle Bones is a minor protagonist in the atomist.

Description Edit

Isabelle Bones is a standard Minifigure, with black legs, a ninja-robe patterned torso, a light nougat angry expression and messy black hair.

Background Edit

Isabelle Bones is the niece of Elena Grievance, and is a Herald of Death. She is an assassin and helped free her aunt from prison. She helped assassinate Dominus D Tenebris, and killed Myosostis Shard. She was herself killed when she attacked Dominus, who caused the air in her throat to burst and snap her head off.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Isabelle was a trained ninja and assassin. She was proficient with many weapons, and her magical ability was Bone-Breaking. With the lightest touch, she could shatter bones, and killed Myosotis Shard by touching him and breaking all his bones into shards, so he was cut to pieces.

Gallery of Variants Edit

Isabelle Bones